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We're sorry to inform you, that our site, with info, reviews, and navigation, is currently only available in German. Please use website translation services or browser tools in case you need translation.

We run a DVD and BLU-RAY rental store in Berlin, Germany. We carry a vast selection of mostly foreign-language films (since we are in Germany, this should read: English-language films and such with German or English subtitles). All kinds of genre, all kinds of directors. From high cinematic art to the lowest of low Z-grade schlocker. Access to the online database of the rental department is restricted to store customers with a customer I.D.. This is due to strict laws in Germany concerning the promotion of films with violent content or overly sexual references. It's considered harmful to even read about films with such contents. Stupid law, but nothing we can do about it...

Videodrom Rental - Friesenstr. 11 - 10965 Berlin - Tel. (030) 692 88 04

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